Welcome to everybody! I will be happy to help you every time you need. First, I want just to say  that you did a great choice. The course “Economics and Business” is a challenging course and it will give you the right preparation in order to continue your studies in Italy or abroad or to work in a good position once you will finish. The approach is a more Anglo-Saxon approach where work in class, mid-term tests and problem sets are fundamental in the assessment of the final grade. The work to do is a lot and I strongly suggest to attend classes, to hand problem sets and to study for mid-term examinations. Studying constantly is the best way to get good grades and to succeed in your academic career. But I also encourage you to participate to the life of the university.

In our department there are three associations. Two of these, Finance Club and Finance Lab deal with financial issues , while the association Rethinking economics was born in order to spread a pluralistic and alternative approach to the study of economics. It exists also a journal, Finance Post, where everybody interested to finance can write.

Furthermore, don’t loose the opportunity to study abroad. The partnership with Utrecht is a good opportunity to have an exceptional experience for one year. All students were enthusiastic and I definitely recommend to apply! If you prefer other countries, Luiss has several partners all over the world. The language you will speak, the study plan and the Country must be the first reasons of your choice!